Michelangelo is coming to the Meatpacking District

Patrick Tartary, owner of nightclubs in France, wants to open a 2,800 square foot 124 seat French restaurant named Michelangelo at 1 Little West 12th Street in the Meatpacking District. Trouble is there are dozens of other existing businesses within 500 feet of Michelangelo’s desired location that already have liquor licenses. Neighborhood residents showed up at the Community Board meeting last week to protest the granting of a liquor license at this location and Community Board 2 agreed with a big thumbs down.

We’ve seen this happen before though and community board or not, the inevitable will most likely occur. The inevitable being that now Tartary will go to the SLA, which has the final say over the granting of the liquor license, and he will probably get it. The good news for neighborhood residents is that Michelangelo will most likely only be open normal restaurant hours so no 4:00 am loud drunks spilling out into the streets waking everybody up.


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