Stray Kat Gallery presents…..

MarilynStray Kat Gallery presents the work of two of New York’s most iconic figures in the contemporary art scene. Abstract expressionist painter
Stella Michaels, with her mixture of mystical masterpieces and bold graphic statement pieces, is the soul-stirrer. The guru of Jap Pop Art, Zane Fix, with his bold ukiyo-e insipired printwork, is the pop purveyor. The combination of the two artists’ work results in a colorful, thought provoking and eye pleasing display.

Limited Edition prints of ‘the Physical Graffiti of Marilyn Monroe’ By Stella Michaels and Zane Fix will be available that evening. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Robin Hood Foundation.

‘House of Pop & Soul’ Exhibit June 13th – Sept 16th

Stray Kat’s current exhibit is taking place in an old meatpacking plant on the ground level of the High Line Building @ 450 W 14th Street, NYC.


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